Keep China’s Microchips Out of America’s Military and Technology

China and its attempts to infiltrate American technology pose a grave threat to our national security.  


That is why I am urging members of Congress to support amending the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to prohibit the entire US government (including our own military) and all federal government contractors from using American taxpayer money to procure or use Chinese semiconductors.


This is the same rule (section 889) that stopped Huawei dead in their tracks and that is now being amended to target and bring down three other Chinese state-controlled semiconductor companies with direct ties to the Chinese military (YMTC, SMIC and CXMT). This should be a no-brainer!


Unfortunately, powerful corporate forces with deep ties to China are spending millions in lobbying efforts to resist these measures at the expense of American Security. They cry that implementation would be “hard” and that taking out these players will “lead to a chip shortage”.  These allegations are not true.  The restrictions apply only to future products purchased 3 years from now.  It’s certainly not hard to simply stop buying chips from 3 companies who combined make less than 5% of global supply.  Nor will the rules create a supply shortage as there are plenty of other non-Chinese sources available (including some here in America) who can easily ramp up to make up for the 5% loss.  Indeed, if we don’t stop China now, soon they’ll take over and be everywhere.


We need you to stand up to these short-term corporate interests that are motivated by an insatiable desire for cheap chips and access to lucrative Chinese markets.  We need you to do the right thing for America’s long-term interests.   


Can I count on your support to protect our country?



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